Commission Work

Scenery and Terrain
Scenery and Terrain Painting
Game Tables, Display Boards and Tournament Displays
Sorry, we do not paint individual models units or armies.
No job is too big or too small!

Consultation- Contact us on the "contact page" with your detailed inquiry. We will then respond promptly with ideas, suggestions and a quotation.
Quotation - Pricing is based on materials, size and complexity. Shipping is included in our quotation. We ship UPS or Freight depending on the size of the project. We will let you know an approximate time frame for your project.
Work in Progress- We will update you with photos for your feedback throughout the build.
Painted or Not- Your option for terrain building is to have it fully painted and detailed, or just primed for you to paint.

Can you make custom scenery?

Yes, we sure can!   If you have comments, questions, or suggestions in regard to a special scenery project please feel free to contact us.  We will be willing to quote you on a custom scenery project... be it a complete table of scenery, a specific terrain piece... or a display board for home use and tournament play.

What do you make your scenery out of?

We use a huge variety of quality materials including: wood, converted toys, model parts and anything not nailed down!  We do NOT use pink insulation foam, packing materials or toilet paper rolls. Our models are built for display and play.  We use an irregular cut beveled masonite or PVC base on all scenery models that are not designed for square basing.  When it is possible, all scenery will be designed for maximum play on your gaming table. This means, that the average miniature that will be played with will have "access"  to move around or in the scenery. Our scenery is designed to be sturdy enough for casual use and light abuse.

How long will it take to get a custom project done?

If we have the time available... we can build and finish a small project such as a building in a week or two.  For large projects a month or more may be needed.

Can I ask my favorite store or club to contract you for a custom project?

Yes,  We will gladly work with the store or your club to make scenery for gaming use.  You may even collect donations from regular players to set up a scenery fund.

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